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Gelato has been making quite a splash of late. This strain, along with its numerous offshoots, are among the new royalty of cannabis genetics. Gelato is a descendant of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies family of strains, specifically the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies variety. Its other parent, Sunset Sherbet, gives Gelato a creamy, sweet, fresh finish.

This strain is a nearly perfect hybrid, clocking in at about 55 percent indica and 45 percent sativa. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, though: it seems like as pure a hybrid as you can find. With a decent THC concentration hovering around 20 percent, Gelato makes the perfect addition to any smokers’ day. It’s just as well-suited for wake-and-bakes as it is for nightcaps. Try it yourself to see what this epic strain has to offer!


  • High THC concentration – up to 20 percent
  • Appealing taste and aroma: blueberry, citrus, sweet, and earthy
  • Member of the Girl Scout Cookies family of strains

Effects and Use

Gelato’s balanced cannabinoid profile gives it a unique high. It manages to cram all of the high-flying zing of a sativa with the relaxing tranquility typical of Indicas. As a result, it’s a perfect choice for someone looking to take the edge off, or give themselves a little bit of a boost.

Users report that Gelato helps them focus, channeling their energy into creative and social pursuits. It also possesses an indescribable happiness, which couples with a jolt of energy to infuse a user with powerful euphoria. Medical patients can take advantage of this strain’s possible health benefits. Users say that Gelato can help them combat symptoms of:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic pain like Fibromyalgia
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety disorders like PTSD
  • Inflammation

Appearance and Aroma

Aside from having a powerful high and potent possible effects, Gelato is also a tasty, pleasant, and pretty strain. It boasts a wide terpene profile, giving it a huge amount of smells and tastes. A discerning nose can detect hints of blueberry, orange, and other sweet aromas. Upon tasting this strain, it becomes more nuanced, including notes of lavender, and a thick woody aftertaste.



27 reviews for Gelato

  1. Bamz

    Great for the price. Really enjoyed it as a nighttime smoke

  2. Sams

    Wow !!! Excellent.

  3. Cait

    Great quality buds were compact

  4. hann

    Love this as a nighttime smoke. Great value.

  5. Jamm

    Goid day time high. Nice size buds for smalls

  6. Wmok

    Great for the price

  7. Wmok

    Pretty good. Smooth and worth the price

  8. TSTS

    Once the strain contains a GSC, for sure is amazing.Gelato always a great taste and has very good head buzz

  9. home

    Nice smoke. Trim was nice and taste was great. One of the best Gelato’s I’ve had!

  10. Whis

    A nice relaxing high, would definitely it again!

  11. LiaS

    Love this stuff

  12. Ben

    Its ok smoke i guess, it tastes nothing at all like Gelato, like not even close. Doesn’t look like the pics.

  13. Yzer

    Medium sized nugs lots of crystal. The taste and smell are just okay and all my nugs were leafy and needed a trim. A nice day time buzz though

  14. negc

    Squished into rosin. The press doesn’t lie. Excellent value and would buy again.

  15. rand

    Last batch i got of this smelled the same as the OG skunk kush. and both them smelled nothing like they should have, they didn’t post my last bad review. wonder why. ill give it 3 stars instead of 2 this time mabye it will get posted.

  16. SabS

    Not the greatest gelato

  17. Lord

    Nothing killer but always nice. Tasty and smells great!

  18. joey

    One of.my favs

  19. dies

    Good high. Slow burn

  20. asht

    got this as a sample. havent had a gelato i didnt like

  21. Diam

    Never disappointed in any strain of Gelato! Med nugs. light green. Just an overall nice strain of Indica

  22. Diam

    Still one of the best strains out there! Always a 10 in my books! More of an indica and that’s what I love about it!

  23. Cody

    Good buds nice high

  24. Brod

    Nice size nugs very tasty i prefer the regular gelato but still a solid buy

  25. rlaj

    Included as a free sample with my order. Really smooth smoke, and a relatively clear headed slightly euphoric high.

  26. Carl


  27. Diam

    This was the best of the three different Gelatos you had. Med nuggets, nice taste and smell. A great night time smoke before bed. Will help you fall asleep ! Hope you get more Greenz

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