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Gary Payton

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Gary Payton is a popular hybrid cannabis strain that is known for its potency, flavour, and balanced effects. It is a cross between the famous cannabis strains The Y and Snowman, resulting in a unique and powerful cultivar. One of the most striking characteristics of the Gary Payton strain is its high THC content, which can reach levels of up to 25%. Experienced users often appreciate its intense effects and the euphoria it produces.



  • High THC content
  • Hybrid cannabis strain
  • Euphoric and energetic mental high
  • Relaxing and soothing body high
  • Afternoon use


A Creative And Energetic High


Gary Payton is a well-balanced hybrid weed strain that provides both cerebral and physical effects. Users often report feeling a burst of energy and creativity, followed by a calming body buzz. This makes it a great strain for use during the day or evening, depending on your preferences and schedule.


The most common effects of its high include:


  • Euphoria
  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Soothing aches
  • Relaxation


An Earthy And Pungent Aroma


Gary Payton hybrid strain has a pungent and earthy aroma with notes of citrus and diesel. The scent is often described as skunky and sour, with hints of pine and fuel. The flavour is similarly complex, with a taste that can be described as earthy and woody, with hints of lemon, pine, and fuel.


The smoke can be smooth and enjoyable, with a sweet and spicy aftertaste. Overall, the combination of flavours and aromas in the Gary Payton strain make it a favourite among cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy a complex and enjoyable experience.


Thick Layers Of Trichomes


The appearance of Gary Payton can vary depending on the specific phenotype, but it typically has medium to large-sized buds that are dense and covered in a thick layer of trichomes. The nugs are usually a bright green colour, with patches of orange and brown pistils throughout. The leaves are typically broad and serrated, with a deep green colour. Some phenotypes may have purple hues on the leaves or buds, which can add to its visual appeal.


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