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Drip Extracts Bubble Hash

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When it comes to hash, there’s only one type that’s classified as the highest purity – Bubble Hash. The one created by Drip Extracts is one such example of high-grade hash with a great high and even greater therapeutic benefits. Drip Extracts is an upstarting brand of hash products, though it’s certainly not an inexperienced brand. Thanks to the cutting-edge extracting methods used by Drip Extracts, all the essential cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes are preserved in their purest form.

The result is a highly-concentrated Bubble Hash that delivers potent effects even to veteran users. The Drip Extracts brand capitalizes on product purity, quality of the cannabinoid distillate, and efficiency in consumption. This hash can be consumed in a variety of ways, including vaping, smoking in a joint, or with a bong. There’s something for everyone, and since the effects are always the same, it grants this Bubble Hash much versatility.

If you’re looking for something to jolt you back to life and reinvigorate your body, then look no further! Drip Extracts brings the new Bubble Hash, a top-purity cannabis concentrate with a panache for sedation, euphoria, and great therapeutic effects. As a medical patient, you’ll be able to treat your anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia with this hash!


  • Highly-pure THC distillate
  • Refined and potent effects
  • Contains natural terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids
  • Versatile consumption methods
  • Great therapeutic benefits

Appearance and aroma


The Bubble Hash by Drip Extracts has a dark-brown colour, and a texture of resinous, grounded paste. When you heat it, the hash will melt into a puddle of dark-golden resin, which is just perfect for a great smoking experience. You can use it with a bong for ideal effects and effective consumption. The flavour of the hash depends entirely on the specific strain you choose. It can be sweet, earthy, citric, candy-like, or fruity.

There are many variations of this Bubble Hash, all of them delivering a potent and delicious high. The ganja state will leave you rocking a great flavour for the duration of the experience. The dark-brown colour reflects, in some ways, the great potency of the THC distillate and cannabis components within the hash. Like every other bubble hash, this one tends to have a hint of earthiness when you taste it. Though, the flavour of the main cannabis strain used to make the Bubble Hash will take over rapidly!

Uses and effects

Given the highly-condensed distillation process of this Bubble Hash, the effects will be stronger than most things you’ve tried before. A small quantity of this hash should melt your mind into a gooey puddle of tranquility, euphoria, and relaxation. If you add a bit of hash in a salad or drink, preferably under high temperatures, it’ll melt down until it becomes fully mixed into the food. It’ll take a bit longer for the effects to kick in if you consume it with food. Though, the effects will also last longer due to the slow metabolization process.

Specific effects include:

  • Energetic vibe
  • Feeling of great vitality
  • Improved mood and motivation
  • Improved sense of creativity
  • Mental tranquility
  • Improved focus
  • Bodily sedation and a feeling of lightness

Moreover, medical patients and cannabis users usually use the Bubble Hash to improve their quality of life and spice up their day. Are you feeling off or exhausted after a hard day at work? Did you recently receive some bad news that won’t let you off? Whip out your trusty vaporizer or bong, crumble a bit of this Bubble Hash, add it in, and start smoking! You should feel better and more energetic after a few minutes.

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3 reviews for Drip Extracts Bubble Hash

  1. Wmok

    Really good. Tasted great alittle hard to work with.

  2. capt

    solid bubble hash nice flavor!

  3. mike

    really nice, was better than expected!! definately worth the price

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