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Diamond Shatter

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Shatter is good, but Diamond Shatter is better! In fact, it’s the best shatter-type concentrate you’ll find anywhere. The manufacturing methods used allowed this shatter to possess much more THC than most of its competitors. Also, the flavour and aroma are of prime quality due to the fresh strains used to make it. The experience will take you by surprise and hold you in enthusiasm all the way. Until the very end, Diamond Shatter will keep you high and stoned!

With one taste of this shatter, your mind will go on a different path, one of relentless euphoria, unstoppable motivation, and lots of adrenaline. You feel as though you can’t sit still for one moment during the initial phase. That’s the Sativa effect of Diamond Shatter, which last for some time. Then, the Indica full-body experience becomes evident with its relaxation and sedation. When the effects combine, the result is an epic psychoactive journey into your mind!


  • Very high THC concentration
  • Superb flavour and delicious aroma
  • Uplifting, physical, and cerebral effects
  • Helpful for chronic pains and depression

Appearance and aroma

 Diamond Shatter looks like a piece of amber-yellow sheet of glass, like a panel of solid honey that demands a taste right now! Touching it will reveal how brittle it is, a result of the manufacturing methods. That’s just how shatter is – brittle and easily destructible. You can rip it piece by piece and start eating it right away. What makes Diamond Shatter better than its competitors is its flavour and potency. The appearance is not exactly quite special in this sense.

The flavour, on the other hand, is another discussion. Every Greenz consumer knows that Diamond Shatter comes in various flavours, each more intense and more delicious than the other. There’s something for everyone here, including you! If you’re into citric and sour strains, then there’s probably the right Diamond Shatter flavours waiting for you. Sweet and aromatic? Sure, there’s that as well!

Uses and effects

 A piece of Diamond Shatter is enough to stone you into submission. Next comes an intense surge of euphoria that eliminates any remnant of depression or chaotic thoughts. All that’s left is a soothing state of blissful relaxation and calmness. The mind-calming effects are accompanied by a bodily sedation that spreads throughout your entire body. There’s a feeling of comfort and tranquility, as well as peak relaxation that you haven’t experienced before.

The therapeutic benefits are even more impressive. Diamond Shatter has a substantial level of THC, which directly translates to therapeutic effects. As soon as you take that first bite, a surge of euphoria will take over you, cleaning your dark thoughts and depression. Then, the physical effect take care of any chronic pains or physical discomforts you suffer from. This includes multiple sclerosis, neuropathic pains, arthritis, and more. Besides this, Diamond Shatter is very good at dealing with:

  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Nausea and headaches
  • Bipolar disorder
  • PTSD
  • OCD
  • ADHD and ADD
  • PMS
  • Stress
  • Physical exhaustion

Additional Information

3 reviews for Diamond Shatter

  1. Lord

    Got the Midnight hybrid. Very fine Shatter. I’ve had more potent but it’s a great smoke, sweet tasting and a real beauty!

  2. TSTS

    This is has a great test

  3. Silv

    Smooth very easy Dab .great taste and even better after taste on exhale .mild sativa buzz but clean .nice 10/10/10 .did not make me cough .:)

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