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Daily CO2 Oil Cartridges

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As any vape smoker knows, finding the right CO2 oil cartridge can be a challenge. First, it can be difficult to find high-quality strains. Second, the quality of many companies’ CO2 oil falls short. Finally, whatever options you do find may be prohibitively expensive. Luckily, the people from Daily Pen (formerly known as Zen Tanks) have a solution: their CO2 Oil Carts.


  • Easy to use – just puff
  • Compatible with most 510 threaded vape batteries
  • Perfectly portable
  • Made with super-clean CO2 oil extract
  • An assortment of heavy-hitting strains
  • Vaping – smokeless inhalable

Uses and Effects

The main ingredient in Daily Pen’s CO2 Carts is THC. This organic compound develops naturally in cannabis plants and may have several benefits. In fact, humans have used THC and other members of its chemical family for its possible therapeutic effects for thousands of years. Some of these possible benefits may include:

  • Promoting happiness and euphoria
  • Reducing pain and inflammation
  • Boosting creativity
  • Instilling calm, peaceful feelings
  • Fighting insomnia and promoting sleep

These pens are inhaled products, meaning that they’ll enter a user’s bloodstream almost instantly. Vaping weed has one main benefit over smoking it: combustion. While smoking weed requires a user to burn it and inhale plant matter, vaping doesn’t. Instead of inhaling tar and other organic matter, a smoker just gets a hit after hit of purified THC extract.

Strains and Ingredients

Daily Pen didn’t want to exclude any smokers from experiencing their CO2 Oil Pens just because of their strain preferences. As a result, they’ve developed an offering of unique strains that provide a variety of terpene and cannabinoid profiles. Some of their most popular strains include:

  • Space Cookies – an Indica-dominant hybrid that boasts huge THC levels.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – the legendary West Coast strain that took the pot world by storm.
  • Death Bubba – a descendant of Bubba Kush, a household name.
  • Bruce Banner – a big, mean, green heavy-hitter, just like its namesake.
  • Harlequin – a high-CBD option that offers a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio.

Don’t see your favourite strain listed? Don’t worry – there’s more. Daily Pen is dedicated to providing variety as well as quality and is constantly updating the flavours they have available. Each of Daily Pen’s CO2 Oil Carts contains 500 mg of cannabis extract. They extract THC from plant matter using CO2, producing some of the cleanest marijuana concentrates on the market.

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