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Citrus Skunk

(62 customer reviews)

$6.00 / gram
$119.00 / 28 grams

  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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This strain’s name may not make it sound very appealing, but don’t let that fool you. Citrus Skunk is a powerful 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid with an aroma as unique as its name. Sativa-savvy smokers will love its combination of euphoric emotions with relaxing vibes.

It manages to empower smokers with boosted creativity and sociability without inciting paranoia like some sativas do. That’s because of its indica lineage, which helps to keep smokers keep their wits about them.

Ultimately, this strain offers a perfect combination of indica and sativa traits that make it appealing to new and veteran smokers alike. Combine that with Citrus Skunk’s unusual flavour profile, and this descendant of multiple Cannabis Cup winners makes a great all-day strain.


  • Blend of sativa and indica traits: cranial and sedative
  • Bold THC concentration ranging from the low- to high-20s
  • Moderate CBD levels peaking at 0.5 percent – utilizes Entourage Effect
  • Robust flavour combining citrus fruits with pungent skunky tones

Uses and Effects

With its unique terpene profile featuring a high THC content and moderate CBD percentage, Citrus Skunk provides a unique combination of traits. It bridges the gap between the stimulating effects of sativas and the sedative effects of a heavy indica. As a result, it boasts several possible health benefits, including:

  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Eliminating stress and anxiety
  • Combating feelings of depression
  • Euphoria and boosted mood

Aroma and Appearance

Citrus Skunk’s appearance is almost as interesting as its aroma. While many strains feature forest- or lime-green buds, Citrus Skunk presents a more orange- or reddish colour. That’s accentuated by the orange and amber hairs that burst from between bud sites, splashing an array of colour across this strain’s already-diverse palette.

Its aroma is nothing to scoff at either – in fact, it’s one of Citrus Skunk’s selling points. It has a citrus-forward aroma that faintly hints at its skunky scent on the back end. It’s a loud strain as soon as you spark it up, though, and the flavour of skunk comes to the forefront.

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62 reviews for Citrus Skunk

  1. Anto

    Smelling and taste pretty good, nice buzz!!

  2. BudB

    The name says it all for this one

  3. Boom

    This bud right here is fire great taste .. very nice smoke and even better high

  4. shap

    Smaller buds but if that doesnt matter to you great pick.

  5. ric

    Received as a free sample. This was fantastic! Great clear headed high with a hint of euphoria, the buds smell amazing!

  6. josh

    my order was pretty small buds this time. good strain .. love the smell. good for daytime.

  7. josh

    Great lemon scent and flavor!! nice strain for daytime.

  8. Gree

    Stinky to burn, but sweet on the nose out of the bag. This gave me a super happy high – lots of giggling!!

  9. josh

    i’ve come to really love this strain. GREAT taste and smell. if you haven’t tried it. you should!!

  10. Race

    very nice..burns clean

  11. josh

    i’ve ordered this strain a few times. i love the taste of it!! lemon hazy goodness!! recommend!!

  12. josh

    LOVE the smell and flavour of this strain!! must try!!

  13. Tree

    Some of the tastiest weed I’ve ever smoked.

  14. Race

    Very nice smoke

  15. josh

    Awesome smell and flavor. lemon hazy smell and taste. i wish i’d gotten more!! great stuff!!

  16. scoo

    awesome flavor sweet taste, very nice high I will purchase again

  17. make

    This was a great time. strong citrus smell and really nice effect

  18. oliv

    Great flavour! Strong citrus smell would buy again

  19. Gyal

    Definitely smells citrusy and Skunky don’t really get that much of a citrusy skanky taste though. That aside super good high would get again for sure.

  20. TheC

    One of the worst kinds from Greenz. Not for me but everyone is different.

  21. aure

    Excellent citrousy smell along skunky and great tasting, Greenz keep up with the great deals and nice buds.

  22. Diam

    Not bad just not my favorite. Had a strong citrus smell to it but they taste was a little strange.

  23. Taco

    Great smell and taste! A nice uplifting high as well!

  24. juic

    Good high and alright taste. I would give 4 stars but my bud smells like something I’ve smelt somewhere before. The smell is like rubber

  25. Stev

    Outstanding flower.

  26. Race

    nice smoke ..clean burn.

  27. Chro

    Received as a sample. Was very happy and I look forward to buying more. Super sweet and citrus smelling. Won’t find a much smoother burn

  28. henr

    Awesome taste and smell!

  29. Cowb

    Dense citrus smelling buds and boy does it ever taste good pretty much like how it smells, lemony!

  30. fufu

    Got this as a sample and really liked it. It smells and tastes citric and it gives a strong lasting high.

  31. kcot

    Great, standard high. Good daytime strain.

  32. Mela

    Loved this strain! Strong head buss. Will def buy again!

  33. Corb

    Great looking buds, great day time high , will definitely buy again !

  34. odre

    Recu en echantillon,
    Super bon, gout, buzz
    Belle decouverte

  35. Samu

    I was happy to find this strain as my free gram. Perfect buzz to stay active.

  36. JEO

    This stuff is long lasting. Took a few puffs and I was good for a at least 3 hrs. Nice clear headed buzz. I found it to be a bit of creeper. Definitely a 5 star.

  37. Henr

    Wow, easily made it to my top 3. To top it all off, it was courtesy of Greenz!! Thanks Greenz!!

  38. Mick

    Sooo good , ill buy again

  39. Mark

    Got some as a sample nice smell decent buzz would buy if on sale

  40. josh

    nice dense nugs with lots of crystals. very nice lemon and haze flavour. pretty good!

  41. Race

    Very nice smoke a bit pricey but overall good bud.

  42. Cmof

    This is actually my favorite weed. I found myself having trouble staying focused on this weed but I don’t do things that need heavy focus when high, so I found it to be very enjoyable and intense.

  43. Age1

    I love the citrusy pungent odour. It’s a little harsh on exhale , but definitely a great pick me up
    Very satisfied with this product !

  44. Sara

    All i can say is wow, I received this as a free gram when I got my order and it was a good decision sending me this strain cuz now I’m going to have to buy some next time, this stuff is better than gorilla glue and I didn’t think anything was better than that. It has a sweet taste and a very very strong high. I could barely get thru my half a joint that I usually smoke, and i have a very high tolerance of THC and this knocked me off my ass! Great product greenz!

  45. Pat

    Epic strain. Never disappointed. . Ultra citrus smell and flavor.

  46. GHGr

    I’ve had the pleasure of trying Gastowns offering of this, but I feel the buzz with this one is better. More balanced. Both are some FIRE though. Get it when you can 🙂

  47. too4

    Can’t say anything ,but this is 1 of the best i have had by far. Everything about it was perfecto.

  48. samt

    Really primo stuff! Such a nice citrus-y sativa smell. Smokes a bit rough but gets you hella high

  49. JEO

    Reviewing based on look and smell since I just received this today. Looks and smells great. Nice size nugs. Can’t wait to taste it. Greenz your the best😀

  50. thun

    nice buzz, not the best bud ever though, smells like bubblegum and definitely helps a lot with nausea

  51. terr

    Really good smell and flavor. Good Buzz.

  52. Doji

    Smell: 4.5
    Look: 4
    Taste 4.5
    Value 4
    awesome smell an taste. Only complaint was that I got nothing but really small nugs.

  53. Nail


  54. Olivier

    Very Hazy, very lemony. lovely smell and taste. classic sativa high. would buy again

  55. Josephjlebeau

    Fantastic smell, great taste. Makes for an excellent daytime smoke. Prefer this one for a pre-work smoke and I find I feel pretty productive afterwards.

  56. Nbia86

    Smaller buds, leafier, and little less terpy than the previous batch, yet same beautiful citrus smell, and same solid high one might expect from citrus skunk. Energetic, yet not racey, super social, super talkative. Uplifting happy high, no crash. Beautifully balanced hybrid.

  57. Laurentl

    Just finish a spliff of the citrus wake up and it feel like the perfect moment to talk about it! The smell is amazing, the trim is professional and smoke feel just like 10 years ago. Its a strong wake up that leave you happy and ready for the day. Greenz really put the bar high with this one!

  58. Jammin 2017

    Pungent bud. Nice flavor in the vape. Greenz continues to give us great product.

  59. les403

    Absolutely fantastic. Nice strong nose and very pleasant flavors with this one for sure. Potency and appearance………perfect. I find this perplexing as I did not enjoy the Cali-O strain, but this hybrid does the trick.

  60. Gregory

    One of the best buds I have ever had! Great lemon flavour and such a strong smell it hurts the nose.

  61. Mccrea18

    Perfectly trimmed and cured!
    Keep up the good work greenz!

  62. Alexking420

    5/5 amazing taste and buzz i really love this one !!

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