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Citron (Smalls)


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Citron, you might also know this cannabis strain by the names of Citron OG and Citron Kush, carries about 50% Indica and 50% Sativa content, making it an evenly balanced hybrid that provides well-rounded effects for both the body and mind. This marijuana flower was created by crossing the highly popular OG Kush with an unknown hybrid strain. What is for certain is that Citron offers staggering THC levels that generally average between 17-20%.



  • Evenly balanced hybrid
  • 17% THC
  • Well balanced effects
  • Lemon and Lime flavour
  • Great for pain, depression, fatigue, and stress


Effects and Benefits


Citron is an ideal strain for anyone looking to benefit from a well-rounded high for both the body and the mind. Shortly after the first exhale, you can already experience a rush of euphoria accompanied by a sense of ease and comfort, enabling you to see and experience your world through coloured lenses. Because of its mood-boosting effects, Citron can help alleviate symptoms of stress and depression. The uplifting and happy feelings this marijuana plant usually delivers can help you deal with mood swings and fatigue more effectively.


Besides a positive cerebral high, Citron also offers a highly enjoyable body high that enables you to ease into relaxation productively as symptoms of pain and aches are being washed away. This cannabis flower can help with a variety of pains and aches in the body, including muscle cramps and headaches.


Sour and Sweet Flavour


Citron is famous for its vivid aroma and flavour profile. A combination of sweet and sour flavour with notes of lemon, lime, citrus, and orange, smoking this strain might become your new exotic daily activity. Upon exhale, you might notice a bit of a pungent undertone in its aroma.


The appearance of this marijuana plant is one of elegance and creative beauty. Citron showcases olive green nugs that are shaped like a grape and seem fluffy. Thick and light-coloured amber hairs offer a beautiful contrast against the dark-coloured nugs. The icing of this strain is completed by a coating of chunky crystal-like trichomes.


A Treat For Your Day


Because of the well-balanced effects of this cannabis flower, Citron can be consumed throughout the day. Its relaxing effects will not leave you unproductive but these can ease away your pains enough for you to fill your day with productivity. Plus, its mood-boosting and happy cerebral high can only make your days better and better.


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