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Hybrid cannabis strain

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This OG Kush cross is a nearly perfect balanced sativa with a taste that can match its potency. Clocking in at 22 percent THC or more, Citrique is a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid from breeder Alaskan Blooms.

It blends the natural aroma of Kush with pleasant tones of citrus plants, giving this strain its name. Citrique is a great all-day strain that can leave smokers feeling euphoric and empowered. It’s perfect for streamlining repetitive tasks and provides a creative boost that artists and musicians crave.

Its balanced cannabinoid profile also gives it tranquil and calming vibes typical of indicas. As a result, it’s also great for unwinding and relaxing at the end of a long day.


  • 60/40 sativa-dominant strain
  • Balanced high: delivers stimulating and sedative effects
  • Tangy citrus-forward flavour with piney notes
  • Powerful THC concentration: 22 percent or more
  • Great strain for any time of day including wake-and-bakes or nightcaps

Uses and Effects

As a near-true hybrid, this strain gives smokers the best of both worlds. Since indicas generally have more noticeable effects than sativas do, Citrique’s slightly sativa-forward cannabinoid profile balances its traits fairly well. Smokers will feel both the cranial stimulation of a sativa along with the heavy body sedation of an indica.

As a result, Citrique may be able to alleviate symptoms of several medical issues. These may include:

  • Insomnia
  • Chronic pain and inflammation
  • Low appetite
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Cramps

Aroma and Appearance

Citrique’s standout trait is easily its bold flavour and aroma. As an OG Kush descendant, the distinct smell and taste of Kush are ever-present in this strain. Citrusy aromas also abound, tingling at the nose and taste buds as it follows closely behind.

An amalgamation of earthy, woody, and piney notes helps to round out this strain’s scent, with a dash of spice to emphasize its citrusy smell. Upon lighting this strain, the flavour takes a more citrus-forward approach, with the trademark Kush flavour dialled back in favour of a fruity, lemony burst.

This strain is also visually stunning. Its bold, forest-green buds glisten with a sheen of resin, and an astute eye can pick out the gleam of individual trichome crystals. Orange and amber hairs, worthy of the citrusy name that this strain invokes, burst forth from between the densely-packed nugs. They crumble perfectly between the fingers, making this strain great for bowls, vapes, and joints alike.

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7 reviews for Citrique

  1. Yzer

    Looks great, smells great and a really nice buzz

  2. PDP3

    This kush is so dense it is hard to grind, however the yield is so immense i gasp at my grinder every time. The citrus flavor of the kush comes through while hitting bongs and joints alike. I highly recommend this weed for a good time with the goons

  3. Minz

    Excellent smoke with a nice smell and taste. Great strain to get things done

  4. Loaf

    I love this strain! I always look for sativas that are creative so I can make amazing music. Doesn’t make you feel tired. A bit of the munchies but great flavour and gives me inspiration to create!

  5. LD

    Really great hybrid. No couch locking effects. Lots of laughs.

  6. joey

    well grown goodness

  7. Ryan

    No Complaints here, busted up beautifully / nicely trimmed. Tasety citrus flavor and great burn. Good buzz not much coach lock.

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