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Bob Accessories

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Even if you buy a tasty-looking concentrate cartridge online, you won’t be able to smoke it without a couple important accessories. First, you’ll need a battery to provide power to the heating coil. You’ll also need a charger to get power from the wall into the battery. You can find both of those here. Bob Cartridges provides these sturdy accessories to match their THC distillate cartridges.


  • Bob Vape Pen Batteries: common 510 threaded rechargeable lithium battery
  • USB charger for 510 threaded battery – charge battery from any USB port

Vape Pen Batteries

Bob’s lime-green pen batteries compliment the bold colour scheme of their cartridges. As 510 threaded batteries, they’re one of the most common power sources for vape cartridges. They’re designed to work optimally with Bob, Zen, and Onli Flowers carts. As a result, you can use these batteries with a wide variety of brands cartridges.

These batteries are super easy to use. Just attach them to a charger and wait for the indicator light to change. Then, unscrew it from the charger and attach it to any 510 threaded vape cartridge. Now, you’re good to go. Bob’s super-easy buttonless batteries detect when you inhale and react instantly.

Battery Chargers

Before you can use a battery to power a vaporizer, you need to infuse it with electricity from the grid. This charger is designed to work specifically with 510 threaded vape batteries. It can draw a charge from any USB port like computers and other devices. To draw power from the wall, you’ll need an outlet-to-USB adapter.

At Greenz, we stock more than just premium strains, extracts, and concentrates. In our quest to become the best online dispensary in Canada, we also carry a variety of vaping accessories like these. Today’s world is hectic – skip the store and buy vaping accessories online with Greenz. We’ll ship your purchase to whatever address you provide anywhere in Canada. It’s one of the ways we’re innovating cannabis in Canada.

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