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Blue Meanies Chocolates (Sky Blue)

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In the world of psychedelic mushrooms, Blue Meanies mushrooms are one of a kind. They’re renowned for being incredibly potent and hallucinogenic, even compared to other mushrooms. Many consumers consume Blue Meanies with very strict doses because even a moment of inattention can release the devil. Your mind may not be ready for the intense effects of these mushrooms. With the edibles, it’s a bit different because they’re carefully dosed for manageable effects.

Still, this depends entirely on whether you respect the dose or not. When eating Blue Meanies Chocolates, you should think about your tolerance level. Beginners should start with half a piece of chocolate. That’s so you can get accustomed to the intense effects. After you’re over this minor inconvenience, you can slowly increase your dose until you can safely eat an entire piece. Even still, the effects will be incredibly powerful, and they’ll put your mind on the backburner for a while.



  • Superb stoning experience
  • Very potent effects
  • Accurate doses
  • Sweet and aromatic
  • Spiritually-awakening

Appearance and aroma


Blue Meanies Chocolates aren’t quite special in terms of appearance. That’s not their intended goal. These sweets look entirely similar to a regular bar of chocolate bought at the supermarket. Externally, the chocolate looks regular. However, if you’d take a look at its internal structure, you’d notice a huge number of irregular compounds that aren’t usually an ingredient in chocolates. That would be the psilocybin of Blue Meanies shrooms. Either way, these chocolates look quite delicious and mellow.

This impression is confirmed upon tasting your first piece. As it melts into your mouth, the Blue Meanie Chocolate releases a heavy flavour of sweet chocolate. In 30-40 minutes, the psychedelic effects will start appearing, one by one. First, you’ll feel warmer and more relaxed, and then your vision becomes a bit hazy. This is the time when hallucinations occur, and as the high progresses, you’ll experience all the other effects.

Uses and effects


Speaking of effects, Blue Meanies Chocolates are as powerful as you might expect. Once you take a bite from these treats, the psychedelia will overpower your senses instantly. You start seeing weird apparitions that may or may not be real. Spiritual experiences will also occur during this time. Synesthesia and time dilation will alter your perception of reality in a few moments. What starts as a mellow high ends with a high note of spookiness.

Most consumers and medical patients who’ve tried Blue Meanies Chocolates report feelings of euphoria, relaxation, excitement, a bit of spookiness, and awe. You’re left in awe at the unexpected events that take place in your mind as the high advances. You’d never have imagined that you could experience such things. Though, if you’re a veteran, you’re probably accustomed to them. Blue Meanies Chocolates offer a wide variety of effects, including:

  • Synesthesia
  • Euphoria
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Time dilation
  • Ego death
  • Connectedness
  • Synergy with the external world
  • Introspective predilections

1 review for Blue Meanies Chocolates (Sky Blue)

  1. mtof

    We took 1 chocolate, and yen another 2 about 45 mins High was mellow and giggly. Not a lot of visuals with these ones, but they were definitely a good time. A+

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