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Blue Dream

(7 customer reviews)

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  • Brand: Friendly Flower Co.

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Blue Dream is a masterpiece weed strain coming from illustrious parents – Blueberry and Haze. One is an Indica and the other is a Sativa, so the offspring couldn’t be anything else other than a balanced strain. Blue Dream brings together the best of both worlds into a single wonderful plant. The smoke is smooth, the aroma is a mix between blueberry and citrus, a reminder of its parents. As for the THC concentration, it goes up to 13-18%. While this may be lower than other strains, it still offers great effects.

Plus, the marvels of Blue Dream aren’t tied to its THC concentration necessarily. The magic lies in the balance between the full-body relaxation and the cerebral invigoration that jolts you up instantly. That gray area becomes the battlefield between sedation and euphoria, as your body and mind go through incredibly transformations. The sense of euphoria is a bit more restrained than you’d see in more dominant Sativa strains, though.


  • Manageable THC concentration: 13-18%
  • Balanced profile
  • Sweet sedation and rejuvenating euphoria
  • Smooth smoke
  • Great for anxiety and insomnia

Appearance and aroma

Blue Dream never ceases to amaze us with its impressive looks. The long, olive-green nugs, already give off a fresh impression that never ends. Then, you’ll see the orange-amber hairs spreading outward on the stalk and among the nugs. Finally, a thick coat of sparkling white trichomes cover the rest of this impressive image. You’re looking at a snow-white image coated with random amber pistils and hairs, all of which are ready to be smoked.

This strain has a special flavour, as well. When you unwrap it for the first time, it smells of citrus and blueberry, which quickly turn into tropical sweetness and earthiness. There’s a whiff of pine and fresh skunkiness somewhere there. You just have to find it and inhale it deep in your lungs! Blue Dream takes after its parents when it comes to flavour particularities.

Uses and effects 

Blue Dream is a perfect hybrid with balanced Sativa-Indica effects. This means you’re facing a state of calm euphoria and energetic relaxation that’ll take you to a state of utter bliss. If you’re looking for something new and exciting, then Blue Dream is the perfect experience. Have you ever smoked cannabis that made you both euphoric and sedated simultaneously? Now, you have that chance!

Putting aside its psychoactive effects, Blue Dream is well-known for its therapeutic benefits. Medical patients can use it to treat their anxiety and depression, especially severe symptoms. It also helps you alleviate fatigue and chronic stress, and it’ll also help you sleep, despite your insomniac attacks. Blue Dream is excellent for chronic pains and aches, as well. To recapitulate, this strain can help you with:

  • Chronic pains and aches
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Inflammation
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Nausea and headaches

7 reviews for Blue Dream

  1. kdot

    One of my fav strains. Good quality and a consistent burn

  2. LASH

    Pleasantly surprised by how potent it was

  3. Yzer

    Looks smells and tastes awesome. Gives a great buzz that’s good for almost any time!

  4. Remp

    This is really enjoyable. Smells, tastes and looks great. Would purchase again

  5. Dré

    Just got a half of these uplifting, creative and euphoric tight BIG A$$ Buds. Nice aroma and smoke nicely!! Would definitely order this again!!

  6. Dré

    Nice HIGH!! Always have some of this amazing Bud around. I see that there is only 2 grams left. Grab it!!

  7. GinG

    This is am amazing strain, I so love its uplifting effects. Sad it’s sold out but will be back

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