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Bliss Party Mix Gummies

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While some edibles are made to help users fall asleep, these are much different. Get your party on with these Party Mix Gummies by Bliss. Bliss is one of the preeminent edible brands in Canada, producing some of the best THC-infused delights you can find.

Each pack of edibles contains 10 to 15 Gummies, each infused with 20 grams of THC each. As a result, it doesn’t take many of these to feel their possible effects. Make no mistake – these edibles aren’t for the faint of heart. If you’re ready to discover your new favourite THC-infused treat, you’re in the right place.


  • 10-15 Gummies per pack – 20 milligrams THC per Gummy – 200-300 milligrams per pack
  • Three flavours per pack: green apple, juicy grape, and peach
  • Resealable metal tin – super portable

Appearance and Aroma

With three irresistible tastes in each pack, including juicy grape, peach, and green apple, Bliss’ Party Mix Gummies are ready to take your party or event to the next level. These Gummies are flavoured without cannabis terpenes. That might not sound appealing at first, but the flavours that Bliss can create more than make up for that.

Miss Bliss, the founder of the company, is an Oaksterdam University culinary cannabis master. As a result, these Gummies are made to the highest quality standard, using the most cutting-edge techniques in the industry. Don’t believe us? Try a pack for yourself and find out!

Uses and Effects

Edible cannabis affects the body using different routes of administration than inhaled marijuana. As a result, they may affect a user differently. Orally-consumed cannabis generally takes a longer time to affect a user than smoked or vaped pot does – sometimes up to an hour. However, the edible’s possible effects my last longer (up to six hours), and anecdotal evidence supports that edibles feel more powerful than their smoked counterparts.

Additional Information

8 reviews for Bliss Party Mix Gummies

  1. Goat

    Great tasting little mood elevators. Perfect when you need some extra glow to get through the day.

    Pieces are small and the tin is ideal for packing away in a bag to take with you.

    If sharing with family or friends who don’t normally partake, it is suggested to split these in half.

  2. Stuc

    One of my favourites!!

  3. kari

    These aren’t bad, but I’ve found better deals for edibles and there is a fairly strong aftertaste that I didn’t love.

  4. Stuc

    Good purchase! Can’t go wrong with these anytime of the day

  5. Stac

    Great way to take the edge off

  6. elal

    These are great for an early evening wake up and focus enhancement. They are over-priced, but when they go on sale, grab it up!

  7. Stuc


  8. jess

    I really love these ☺️

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