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Black Domina (Outdoor Grown)

(6 customer reviews)

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A standard out door grow of Black Domina, medium sized decently trimmed nugs with a pungent earthy nose.

THC 7 – 12%

This strain met all our consumers’ expectations when it comes to potency, depth of flavour, quick-acting effects, and relaxing drive. In the few hours you’ll be high on Black Domina, the strain should put you through a seemingly endless journey of tranquility, sedation, sleepiness, and lethargy. All with a euphoric twist to brighten things up!


  • 95% Indica profile
  • Citrusy herbal and woody flavour
  • Euphoric, lazy, and sleepy effects
  • Great for arthritis, depression, and migraines

Appearance and aroma

When it comes to a cannabis strain’s appearance, we’re looking at colours, shades, and overall health of the buds and nugs. Black Domina is darker than usual, as its name implies. Its dark-green buds and nugs are dense and healthy-looking, shaded with purple hues here and there. The frosty trichomes make up a layer of snow crystals that covers everything. Lastly, you may also notice a lot of orange on the strain. Those are the pistils, hairs that naturally grow on cannabis strains and give them a mesmerizing look.

A spicy-woody flavour will welcome you during that initial smoke. As you inhale the smoke, your mouth will fill with an intense citrusy aroma that may also bring peppery herbal spices to the table. On the exhale, you may also notice a whiff of nutty earthiness that comes back to citrus toward the end. Black Domina is claimed to be extremely tasty and delicious by those who’ve tried it. And there are many clients who prefer this strain over other Indica strains.

Uses and effects

Powerful Indica strains have always caught the attention of the public due to their highly relaxing effects. Getting high on Sativas with ample euphoria is one thing, but wallowing in a state of tranquil lethargy and relaxation is a totally different thing. Apparently, many clients prefer the latter as it gives them a period of relief and comfort. Daily stress and fatigue are common factors to the consumers’ preference for Indica strains, and Black Domina is near-perfect with its 95% Indica profile.

Naturally, this strain leaves you slightly euphoric and happy at first. But that’s just a temporary ruse that gets you ready for what comes next – endless sedation. Users report intense feelings of lethargy and mental slowness after the high reached its peak. Physical sedation is just one aspect, after all. Black Domina is also quite therapeutic, since it can treat:

  • Migraines
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pains
  • Nausea
  • PMS
  • PTSD
  • Loss of appetite
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation

6 reviews for Black Domina (Outdoor Grown)

  1. rou5

    Really wasn’t a fan of the batch i received. Very stemy. The high is alright.

  2. Josk

    I bought this to use with my dry herb vaporizer and to make Edibles. The price can’t be beat and it is a nice Indica stone.

  3. LBLB

    Good smoke for the price. 3rd time ordering this one.

  4. Silv

    Nice bud little weak for a veteran .but good in a pinch cannot argue the price outdoor or not .think I’m going to use it in my honey jar and utilize those beautiful trichomes.allround good daytimer.

  5. Alin

    Good price. Decent high. I would buy again for sure.

  6. LD

    I LOVED this! Great price & really great smoke!! Please grow more!! lol

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