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Big Mex Chocolates (Green)

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1 Gram of Psilocybe Cubensis Mexicana in each chocolate

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If you’re a fan of the Mexican Magic Mushrooms, or ‘Big Mexicans’ then big Mex Chocolates are for you. They combine the sweetness of 70% dark chocolate with the powerfully spiritual effects of the Psilocybin Cubensis Mexicana type shroom. You’ll be treated not only in taste but to the pleasure of its exhilarating psychedelics results.

What You Should Know about Big Mexican Chocolates

Mexicana magic mushrooms have been used in spiritual ceremonies for nearly 2000 years, dating back to the Aztec civilization. The shrooms contain high levels of psilocybin, the main compound that delivers hallucinogenic effects connecting users to their inner consciousness and outer worlds.

In fact, much of history shows these ‘magic’ ceremonies allowed contact with spirits and other celestial beings. Now, psilocybin is in the final phases of being approved as a medical treatment for depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

More about its Characteristics and Potency

Big Mex Chocolates definitely deliver a more cerebral experience, versus body effects. It’s an ideal variety for first-time or beginning use, due to its tame hallucinogenic nature. Your mind will expand in creativity, as you enjoy the pleasure of uplifting euphoria.

You’ll feel good vibes like no other, and be treated to a fun and psychedelic ride. The Big Mexican variety provides big on visually appealing effects, whether your eyes are open or closed. From dancing lights to tracers, fractals and distortions in shapes and forms, you’ll be pleased to enjoy the show.

Tips for Consuming Big Mex Chocolates

The easy to consume, and conveniently dosed Big Mexican Chocolates are ideal for beginner to advanced users. The variety is perfect for microdosing, day-tripping or even first-time users.

Although, if you’re new to magic mushrooms, you may want to begin with a ¼ or ½ of the chocolate first, to see how it affects you personally, first. Always wait at least an hour before consuming more, to allow effects to set in completely.

2 reviews for Big Mex Chocolates (Green)

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    Good buzz

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    Great stuff

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