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Amazonian Chocolates (Orange)


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Amazonian Chocolate are derived from the Amazonian Cubensis strain, an exotic type of magic mushroom that’s pretty scarce around the world. It’s particularly psychedelic and it has a few unique effects. Well, not exactly unique effects, but rather the effects are delivered with a little twist. Being concentrated into chocolates, Amazonian offers a tightly-packed psychedelia for those with a sweet tooth. Its effects are entirely unexpected and enjoyable!

Hallucinations and mood fluctuations await you when consuming Amazonian Chocolates. Even a tiny piece delivers a potent dose of psychedelia, the Amazonian style. The head high begins with a wave of euphoria washing over your mind, only to offer sedation and tranquility later on. During this time, your mind sees what it wants to see, including fractals, geometric forms, extradimensional beings, energy fluctuations, and so on. If you’re looking for a wild trip and a delicious treat, the Amazonian Chocolate is your best bet!



  • Super sweet and creamy chocolate
  • High concentration of Amazonian psilocybin
  • Special psychedelic effects
  • Useful for eating disorders and depression

Appearance and aroma


Amazonian Chocolates are perfectly wrapped to preserve the freshness of the quality for as long as possible. Once you unwrap it, you’ll see a normal-looking chocolate devilishly grinning at you. It’s inviting you to take a large bite and mess up your brain instantly. It looks pretty inviting and delicious, to be honest. It’s not a surprise that, when you do bite into it, the creamy and sweet texture leaves you perfectly satisfied. Amazonian Chocolates are just perfect!

The flavour is a bit rough, considering it contains raw cocoa and high-quality Belgian chocolate. Though, it’s also sweet and aromatic in a way that makes you drool from the first bite. What’s impressive is how persistent the creaminess and the sweet flavour are. Throughout the high, you’ll still have that sweet aroma in your mouth, coaxing your taste buds for another bite. Don’t be taken in by the temptation, though! Too much may lead to bad trips.

Uses and effects


Amazonian is a versatile Cubensis strain best used for instant and potent psychedelic trips. Even the smallest quantity (except microdoses) can alter your brain’s normal functionality and send euphoria to your mind. The hallucinations begin almost immediately, alongside the synesthesia and time dilation. Even more so, the effects are a bit special due to the how Amazonian is built. Its genetic markers allow for a spicier taste of psilocybin.

Amazonian Chocolates contain the same unique psilocybin essence that’s impressed so many of our customers. Greenz members have used Amazonian Chocolates to treat their medical symptoms and conditions many times before. One of the secondary effects of these chocolates is euphoria. It improves your mood and enhances your motivation from the first bite. Furthermore, it can treat your insomnia and other sleep-related issues in a matter of minutes. Amazonian Chocolates will also help with:

  • Nausea
  • Cluster headaches
  • Treatment-resistant depression
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic pains and inflammation


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