Ever wish that you could utilize the creative energy of a powerful Sativa without getting high? What about relaxing with an Indica’s chilled-out vibes without feeling stoned? For the intrepid smoker, microdosing marijuana may provide a solution. Microdosing weed may be able to help users take advantage of all the plant’s possible benefits without the short-term memory impairment and lowered productivity that marijuana can sometimes cause.


  • Microdosing cannabis may be able to maximize its benefits and eliminate its high
  • Key to microdosing is finding the minimum dose
  • Find your own dose – start low and slow
  • Can microdose with vaping, smoking, or edibles

What is Marijuana Microdosing?

Microdosing, which gained popularity as an alternative way to take psychedelics like magic mushrooms, can also be applied to smoking weed. In principle, microdosing with marijuana is the same as microdosing with psychedelics. The idea is to bestow a user with all of the benefits cannabis may provide without imparting any of its psychoactive effects.

Microdosing might sound counter-intuitive to the average stoner. After all, the reason so many of us smoke weed in the first place is to get high – why would you want to take that away?

Benefits of Cannabis

Microdosing With Cannabis – What Is It?

Microdosing With Cannabis – What Is It?

Well, outside of the high that weed induces, it may have several beneficial effects. Humans have utilized the cannabinoids in marijuana to treat countless ailments throughout history. Some records show that Chinese emperors used marijuana-infused tea to treat issues like headaches, toothaches, and other various pain.

Additionally, recent studies seem to confirm cannabis’ efficacy as a way to alleviate symptoms of various physical and mental issues. For example, weed may be able to reduce chronic inflammation, alleviate joint and nerve pain, regulate immune system responses, and combat stress and depression. As a result, cannabis may be able to help people suffering from ailments like:

  • Glaucoma
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Insomnia
  • Arthritis
  • Crohn’s disease

Benefits of Microdosing

Microdosing marijuana has its own set of possible benefits. When you microdose weed, you may notice colours becoming brighter and more vibrant. You may also become more conversational and feel more outwardly social. Microdosing can also inspire artists, which is why so many creative types utilize this technique. In contrast to regular weed smoking, you won’t feel the possible paranoia, decreased cognition, and other negative traits of getting too high.

Much like microdosing psychedelics, microdosing marijuana can help you streamline your work throughout the day. It may also instill focus, giving users the ability to quickly and efficiently complete their tasks. It’s great for long workdays, streamlining repetitive tasks, or making necessary errands less tedious.

How Does Cannabis Microdosing Work?

While the end goal of most smoke sessions is to get as blazed as possible, that’s not the case with microdosing. Instead, you’ll want to use an extremely small amount of weed – less than the amount it would take to actually get high. A general rule behind marijuana microdosing is to smoke small amounts frequently throughout the day. By straddling the fence between sober and stoned, you can take advantage of the possible benefits of weed without experiencing any downside.

Marijuana Microdosing Amounts

There’s no universal rule about how much weed to smoke when microdosing. The exact amount you’ll need to use will be unique to you, depending on your height, weight and the physiology of your body. One important intangible variable that may influence how much weed you need to microdose includes your cannabis tolerance.

Many casual smokers may only need to take a single, small puff of a joint to take advantage of microdosing. In contrast, heavy, daily smokers may need to take a rip from a dab pen – something that would floor part-time smokers.

Regardless of how much cannabis it takes you to microdose, the only way you’ll find out your threshold is through trial and error. It’s a good idea to go “low and slow” when determining your ideal marijuana microdose amount. Try starting with a single puff of a joint, and slowly increase your dosage over the span of a few days. Too much, and you could end up heading into work with a heavy buzz. Once you feel yourself getting high from the amount you’re consuming, dial it back. Then, you’ll be microdosing correctly.

How Can I Microdose Cannabis?

Microdosing With Cannabis – What Is It?

Microdosing With Cannabis – What Is It?

Smoking, vaping, and taking edibles all provide a smoker with different experiences. The way you consume weed can change its intensity, duration, and the time it takes to hit you. Although you can use any of these applications to microdose cannabis, they all have some unique traits.


Smoking is a simple, tried-and-true way to consume weed. However, it often only takes a single puff to enjoy the benefits of microdosing. One easy way to microdose while smoking is to roll a thick joint or blunt, and smoke a single puff of it at different times throughout the week.


Vaping is great for smokers who want a fast, low-key way to get high. It has some advantages over smoking weed because you can do it anywhere without drawing any attention. Additionally, the lower temperatures involved in vaping help preserve terpenes, enhancing the overall effects of the concentrate. Concentrates are also significantly more powerful than regular cannabis flower is, so you’ll need to take an even lower amount to microdose. Vaping is probably the most efficient way to microdose.


While you can use edibles for microdosing, it’s a little more difficult to pull off than smoking or vaping. Since it can take up to an hour for your body to metabolize cannabis edibles, it can be difficult to nail down exactly when you begin to feel the effects of microdosing. Additionally, you’ll need to measure your doses much more strictly than you would with vaping or smoking.

Try Microdosing Cannabis

If you’re looking for a natural way to increase your productivity, focus, and energy without feeling the dazed, clumsy effects of getting stoned, microdosing may be a solution. While it does take a little bit of trial and error to get your microdosing regimen up and running, the end goal is definitely worth it. Try microdosing and see what benefits it may have for you!