Even though we may all have a past with magic mushrooms, it’s likely we don’t know much about their actual history, origins, or specific traits. Once just as a bag of ill-tasting fungi, that you knew was going to deliver an exploratory and interesting night, or experience.

Now, magic mushrooms are being taken quite seriously by the medical community as a source of healing for many treatment-resistant conditions. Like depression, PTSD, among other mood-related disorders. So, learning more about magic mushrooms, their common species, effects, and strengths has never been more important.

Like weed, if you were trying to fall asleep, you wouldn’t want to turn to a Sativa strain. Magic mushroom species, are no different. Here we’ll breakdown the most common shroom species available on the market today, and everything you need to know about each.

Types of Magic Mushrooms

For the most part, the magic mushrooms you’re used to all come from the same family – psilocybe cubensis. This is due to the fact that cubensis types species or commonly known as ‘cubes’ are the easiest varieties to cultivate indoors for bulk or mass breeding.

Just like strains and genetics in cannabis, over the years at-home breeders have come up with their own ‘hybrid’ types of shrooms. Delivering consumers a wide range of magic mushroom species, all with their own effects and traits.

One thing all magic mushrooms have in common is they contain psilocybin. Think of this like all cannabis strains containing THC, or CBD. Psilocybin is the compound that’s responsible for shrooms therapeutic and hallucinogenic effects.

Depending on where the magic mushroom originated, how it’s grown, or the exact components of the shrooms, will affect the effects it delivers. Some being more potent than others, more trippy, more soothing, etc.

Just like you may have a favourite cannabis strain, or be using cannabis for a specific effect, it’s important to get to know the variety of magic mushrooms to consume, too. That way you can avoid a ‘bad trip’ or choose which would be best for your type of healing. Next, we’ll cover the top seven most common species of magic mushrooms, and what’s important to know.

Golden Teachers

Magic Mushroom Species – All You Need To Know

Magic Mushroom Species – All You Need To Know

Golden Teachers are fairly new to the magic mushroom world, emerging onto the market in the 1980’s. Their exact origins are somewhat unknown, although many say the species was a wild type found in the State of Florida in the US.

The type comes from the pslicobye cubensis family, and are known to be quite mellow in their psychedelic and euphoric effects. Size wise, Golden Teachers are larger than most and have profound effects when it comes to elevating moods.

Penis Envy

With such a unique name, you should expect unique results from Penis Envy type magic mushrooms. The species is one of the most notoriously known of shrooms, and are quite potent for psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects.

Penis Envy mushrooms’ powerful effects are spiritual and extraordinarily unique. At certain dosages, they can be said to send you off into another universe, and provide a deeper connection to the world around you.

Of all the psilocybe cubensis species, Penis Envy shrooms have the highest levels of psilocybin, and are said to be genetically altered based upon a natural strain found in the Amazon.


Transkei type magic mushrooms typically originate from Africa, including the African Transkei species, too. The modern species is most well-known for eye-catching visuals, and an unmatched type of body buzz effect.

At high doses, expect to see dancing visuals, flashing lights, and an enhancement in shapes or colours around you. The Transkei magic mushroom species is more medium in size than others, and can be oddly shaped or twisted. Hinting at the magical and unusual trip, that the type is sure to deliver.

Big Mex or Mexican

As you can guess, the Big Mex or Mexican species of shrooms originate from the area of Mexico. They come from the psilocybe cubensis mexicana species, and are notable for their spiritual effects.

Which may tie-in to their history, since the Mayans and Aztecs of the region often used shrooms in their religious and spiritual ceremonies. Big Mex or Mexican type shrooms are more cerebrally focused, versus providing body sensations. The variety also delivers stunning visuals at certain dosages, and is ideal for social or day-tripping. They are also available as edibles.

Blue Meanies

Another popular species of magic mushrooms are the well-known Blue Meanies variety. Part of the psilocybe cubensis family, they deliver similar therapeutic and spiritually eye-opening experiences. But, at highly potent levels.

They’re said to have originated out of the South and Central America area, and to have two to three times the levels of psilocybin as other varieties. Blue Meanies are easily identified by their unique hints of blue, found on the stems.


A more rare variety of magic mushrooms is the Mazatapec species. The exotic and elusive variety is hard to come by, and is even more unique as for appearance. The thin and slender shrooms are quite ancient in origin, and are often termed as the first magic mushroom species to be used by humans.

The type was first found in Mexico and Central America, and are so powerful in effects that the Mazatapec indigenous people would only use them at night.


Magic Mushroom Species – All You Need To Know

Magic Mushroom Species – All You Need To Know

Last, but not least, is the Alcabenzi variety of shrooms. This psilocybe cubensis variety is said to be a hybrid strain of Mexican cubensis, and Alabama cubensis. Altered genetically to increase the strength of potency, and highly spiritual effects.

Consuming Magic Mushrooms Mindfully

If you’re new to consuming magic mushrooms, be sure to do so mindfully. That means starting off low and slow with your doses, being aware of how psilocybin affects you, and which species is best for the type of symptoms you’re trying to address.

Or, which will lend to an improved socially good time the most, too. It’s often recommended for beginner users to have a ‘sober trip partner’ along for the ride with them, to keep them grounded and balanced if any intense effects are to arise. As you continue to experiment, you’ll find the right dosage, and shroom type that is best for you. To begin exploring, check out Greenz’s collection of psilocybin infused goods, and selection of premium magic mushrooms.