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The age of rock and roll, Led Zeppelin and counterculture ideals of the middle class brought about the popularization of recreational cannabis use.  Smoking weed has come a long way from its rise to popularity in the 1960’s (far less potent, the weed back then was relaxing and didn’t give anxiety).


After generations of selective breeding, today’s weed could put those peace-loving hippies of the 60’s into a heavy daze.


High THC Strains


Ever have a bad trip? Thought so.


Many of us know how overwhelming a “bad trip” can be, and how it can make you never want to go back. Feeling anxious and overthinking (then over-thinking overthinking) can leave you baked without an escape. You don’t need to be a pro at knowing your lingo, but many of the reasons a newbie can be deterred from coming back is because they aren’t informed about the strain they’re about to buy.


The average sample of marijuana back in the day contained no more than 3-4% THC. THC is the main psychoactive component of what we feel when we light up a joint, and in many cases is what gives you the heightened feeling of anxiety.


Dutch Hawaiian, Green Crack, and UK Cheese: they all sound like the names of your favorite indie bands.


PLOT TWIST, they are strains of weed.


As a newbie you may veer away from Green Crack: maybe the name sounds too intense, so you decide on Dutch Hawaiian (because you’re a monster and like pineapple on pizza).


You get home and test out your purchase, and again get stuck in what feels like the worst trip of your life.


These strains all contain high THC – something you don’t want when you’re first starting out.


The Magic of CBD


It’s is the magic behind the plant. CBD gives you a body-calm relaxation that is totally opposite to what people get when they smoke high-THC strains.


You’ll struggle to find strains that are high in CBD concentration, and you can thank your average stoner for that. Since the 60’s THC was all that mattered, and with increased tolerance came increased strength.


CBD works a little like your average anti-depressant by increasing the levels of happy neurotransmitters in your brain and controlling the bad ones that increase your natural stress response.


You can see that if there isn’t a happy medium between these two compounds, chances are your trip won’t be that enjoyable.


Finding the Balance


“I don’t smoke because I get anxious”


How often do you hear people saying that weed gives them anxiety they don’t normally have? Probably quite often.


Saying that weed will give you anxiety is like saying that you’re going to get into a car accident as soon as you enter a vehicle – it’s about the mentality of setting yourself up for success.


Setting yourself up for success is key in both cases: buying a strain with low THC is like buying a car without brakes.


If you don’t want to ask the experienced stoner behind the counter of your local dispensary, looking at online description pages is the way to go. Go for that high (15-25%) CBD strain while avoiding high-THC strains.


The best place to buy weed online in Canada is greenz.store: they give exceptional descriptions of the strain,  so you can leave your sweats on and avoid the fear of looking like a newbie at the busy dispensary.