One trend that’s been heating up over the years, is dabbing. On the dance floor, in viral videos, and in the weed biz, too. Dabbing is the latest and greatest method of consumption, for cannabis connoisseurs who like to get highly elevated with just one hit.

Some could even say, ‘dabs’ are the modern-day version of hitting a water-bong of the past (or present). But for newbies, dabbing high potency concentrates can be intimidating, or overwhelming. So before you step up to the dab rig, review our beginner’s guide for everything you need to know about dabbing. We’ll review how to do it best, the ideal temperatures, tools, products and more.

What is Dabbing?

All About Dabbing – Best Temperatures, Tools & Products

All About Dabbing – Best Temperatures, Tools & Products

Technically, dabbing is the ‘flash vaporization’ of cannabis concentrates. But if you’ve ever done it, or seen it done, you can tell it’s much more than that. The act by definition requires placing a cannabis concentrate onto a heated surface, which is connected to a ‘dab rig’.

Or, a modified bong or pipe (with water). Like anything in cannabis, there’s a few specific terms for dabbing that you should know before you get started. Including the supplies you’ll need to transform a bong into a rig.

Here’s a list of products commonly necessary to dab:

  • Nail (banger) – Like the bowl where you’d put your flower for a water bong, you need a receptacle to heat your concentrate. For dabs, this is a nail or banger. The nail is placed into the place where the bowl and stem would be placed for cannabis flower.
  • Nails can come in different materials like glass, quartz, or titanium and will vary in sizes or types.
  • Dome or Carb Cap- A glass or silicone topper that’s placed over the nail, once your concentrate is heated and vaporizing.
  • Dabber tool – To place the concentrate in the nail, you’ll need a special dabber tool to place the substance onto the hot surface. The dabber is typically metal to adhere to both surfaces appropriately.
  • Butane torch
  • Concentrate product

How to Dab

If you’ve got everything you need to dab, the next step is learning how to properly do so. The process is simple once you know it, but when presented with the new method you might be hesitant at first.

If you’re a beginner, just keep in mind you’ll be ingesting THC potencies at new heights. So begin low and slow, as you gauge how the flash intake affects you personally.

Here’s the steps you’ll follow when you’re just learning how to dab:

  • If your rig isn’t already filled with water, do so before beginning.
  • Use your dabber tool to scoop up or break off a piece of the concentrate you’ll be dabbing.
  • Turn your torch on, and heat the nail. You’ll know it’s heated properly when the bottom surface is glowing red.
  • Allow the nail to cool down slightly. Waiting 20-30 seconds or so, normally suffices depending on the material of your nail.
  • Place your dabber tool and concentrate onto the heated surface, and move around in a circular motion while inhaling. Once all the material is off the dabber tool, place the dome onto the nail to contain the vapour in the rig.

There’s been recent innovations in the dabbing world, with electronic nails or e-nails, and electric rigs like the Puffco Peak. These dabbing tools are unique as they come equipped with temperature gauges, allowing dab connoisseurs to select the appropriate temperature for their preference or concentrate product. As you may know, cannabinoids and terpenes are delicate compounds. So, at certain levels of heat they can degrade or diminish.

Many debate low temp dabs versus high temp dabs across the industry. As a guide, here’s the average temperatures for each if you do ever upgrade your dabbing game with a temperature controlled rig:

  • 340°F & below: Low temp
  • 340-700°F: High temp

Ideally, for optimal use dabbing experts recommend a temperature of 300 – 450°F.

How Does Dabbing Differ from Other Methods?

The delivery system of dabbing is unique from other traditional methods of consuming cannabis. From the start, it delivers a highly potent buzz, faster than most. This benefit is ideal for those suffering from conditions that require quick relief for medical users. Like nausea, headaches, chronic pain, etc.

With dabbing, you’ll also avoid inhaling harsh material that comes with smoking cannabis flower. Although rolling a joint might seem like the most natural route to take, the combustion of the plant material and hot smoke can be an irritant to the lungs. As concentrates have advanced over the years, many prefer the purity of receiving beneficial cannabinoids without the unnecessary plant matter.

Another perk of dabbing is the vapour that’s created is practically scentless, like vaping concentrates is too. This can help you remain discrete, if you can keep the noise down from any coughing fits that might ensue.

What Can I dab?

All About Dabbing – Best Temperatures, Tools & Products

All About Dabbing – Best Temperatures, Tools & Products

Of course, as the dabbing industry progresses, so do the concentrate products available for dab purposes. Including specific strain products, so you can customize your dabbing experience with the type of effects you prefer. Here’s just a few examples of goods that are ideal for dabbing –

A Little Dab Will Do Ya

Like the saying says, a little dab will do ya -for most. Other consumers find the highly elevated effects of dabbing to be ideal for deep rooted pain and conditions. Or, prefer the method for it’s quick nature with higher potencies than normal. Whether dabbing socially, recreationally, or medically, with this information you can feel more like an expert vs. an amateur as you step up to the rig. If you’re looking to bring the highest quality concentrate products to the dab party, than look no further than Greenz’s premium collection. We offer a wide-range of cannabis products for dabbing, from shatter to live resin, budder and more.